5 reasons why a coastal SUP tour will blow your holiday away

coastal sup tour

We head out on tours every day and our coastal SUP tour is by far the most popular. But who’s to say you can’t do all three of our tours?

  1. Coastal SUP tour (paddling through cliffs and coves).
  2. Ria Formosa paddle (an idyllic coastal lagoon near Faro).
  3. Lake stand up paddle tour (hidden in a fold in the Algarve hills, this dam is away from it all).

Here are five reasons why a coastal SUP tour will leave you with tons of great memories:

1. Because everyone who comes on a tour with us loves it.

The amount of people who change their facebook photos to photos of them paddle boarding with us is phenomenal. It’s so exciting to see people getting thrilled by stand up paddle and starting to change their lives. It’s a super healthy and fun way to explore any region, even your own back yard!

Coastal sup tour

2. Explore the Algarve

Explore a part of the Algarve you wouldn’t normally see under your own steam. Walking along the cliffs is a fantastic pastime, but you don’t get to see the caves underneath do you? Sitting on a beach is relaxing but not as thrilling as rounding a point and catching your breath as the next little gem reveals itself.

coastal algarve sup tour

3. Learn a new skill.

Walking on water is a pretty cool thing to do. Imagine returning home and saying I learnt how to stand up paddle board?

learn to stand up paddle

4. Introduce yourself to a new lifestyle of fitness.

The sweet thing about paddle boarding is that we’ll give you a taste of a new lifestyle. Imagine paddling every few days instead of going to gym? You’ll be amazed at the things you can do on your board to get fit. We call it Paddle Fit! Complement a sweaty gym session with a fresh outdoor workout. Oh and you CAN do it in winter! You’ll be amazed how snug and warm you’ll be in a wetsuit.

sup for fitness

5. Because everything is included.

Everything on our coastal SUP tour is included. All you need is a swimsuit. We offer expert tuition, paddle boards, paddles, pfds (buoyancy aids), leashes and light refreshments.

algarve sup tours

Join us on a tour before they’re all booked up!

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Oh, and if you want something special, we occasionally plan a full day coastal extravaganza. Here is a taster of that one! Call Nick for more info on dates.

Used Stand up paddle boards for sale


Hi there! We are selling two types of boards. Please note these are cut price used boards in great condition. Feel free to come along and try the boards on our Algarve SUP tours.

RED Paddle Co

Red 10′ SURFER (white)
Rack price €950.00 Now only €690 (GBP499)

Red 10’8″ MEGA (blue steel)
Rack price €995.00 Now only €725 (GBP525)

Red 12’6″ EXPLORER (blue steel)
Rack price €1,215.00 Now only €890 (GBP650)

More info with photos.

SROKA Stand up paddle boards

Sroka 12 6 Retail Price €799 €649 (GBP475)

More info with photos.

Used Sroka Stand Up Paddle Boards for sale

Second hand Sroka SUP

Along with our used RED paddle boards we’re also selling our Sroka paddle boards.

Sroka 12 6 Retail Price €799 €649

This great French brand has served us really well and it’ll be sad to see my board of choice off on its way.

Sroka 12 6 Discover (2 available)

The 12 6’s enjoy a lot more speed and have a great glide out on longer paddles (I took it down the Guadiana Challenge) and on a few downwinders. I even slept the night on it during my latest microadventure!

Get in touch to check for availability.

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