The Douro SUP stand up paddle adventure

We’re really excited to be embarking on a brand new adventure on the 25th September 2016. I’ll be updating this page as we prepare more for the trip and you’ll be able to follow us daily with our special tracker (below) and on our social media: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Afterwards we’ll be editing up a video as we did for the Trans Algarve 160km paddle last year.

Exciting adventures ahead!!! #douro #dourosuptrip #douroriver #supexpedition #dourosup

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Whats the deal?

In a nutshell, five of us will be paddling from Miranda de Douro in the north east of Portugal to Porto, 310km down the River Douro.

Who is on the team?

  • Nick Robinson
  • Andrew Robinson
  • Mauro Engler
  • Nicky Robbins
  • Tim Robbins


It’s not 100% clear exactly what we’ll be getting but RED Paddle Co have opened their coffers and have generously lent us five boards and a bunch of other cool kit. We’re pretty excited to have the best inflatable brand in the world behind this trip. Thanks RED!



In the preparation stages we have come up against some things which could slow us down a bit.

  1. DAMS! The River Douro is damned in 15 places. 10 of these dams are on the Portuguese section of the river and we’ll need to pass 9 of them.
  2. How long will it take to paddle 310kms? Who knows. We’re thinking 10 days, but it may be shorter or longer.
  3. WIND generally arrives in the afternoons so we’ll have to rise super early and rest when its windy (unless it’s a tailwind of course).  It might be prudent to paddle at night too…
  4. RAPIDS – Google Earth hints at the possibility of rapids below a few of the dams we’ll have to cross. Portage or Paddle? We’ll take those decisions on the spot.